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Design Trends to Upgrade your Site

There is always a need for you to redesign your website if it to remain as interesting and attention-grabbing as when it was new. This can be attributed to the changes web design faces over time. A good web designer in the know shall make sure they play their part. Here are several tends you shall see rise in the new year.
Minimalist design is the new trend. Minimalism seems to be something people apply in most areas of their lives. You shall see interior design, for example, insisting on clean lines, plenty of white space, and less frills. Flat design is the new way in we design. This trend has led to huge gains for SEO. A site can fail to loads fast if it has too many images. But with more pops of color and illustrations and fewer images, your site becomes more optimized.
We now see more use of mobile sites. More and more people find using their mobile gadgets to browse efficiently. This means you cannot afford to have a site with only a rigid desktop presentation. You need to see it optimized not just for desktop but also for mobile. It also needs to be responsive if people are to take their time to use it. You need it to work on mobile device first before anywhere else.
You will also notice the use of more advanced chatbots. AI has improved to the point of allowing you to have chat bots carry conversations with your customers on your behalf. They help you manage to deliver instant responses which go a long way for your customers.
You shall also see a heavier reliance on custom illustrations over images. These load much faster, and drive your point home effectively. Your SEO efforts shall thus be boosted. You need to make sure the illustrations are made with your companys thematic language, so that customers can relate to them better.
You can now see more use of video backgrounds. These have always been preferred over still imagery. They drive your point home more vividly when you need to make it in a short time. As people stick to your site more, they shall be easier to sell to. You will discover more means of using video backgrounds here.
You can now go for more expressive typography. Typography has now acquired another use, as a design element. This is seen when you look at big and bold headlines. The body of your content also needs you to choose the fonts well, to communicate certain emotions. A good solution would be to go for a custom typeface. This shall get the brand and site known more effectively.
You can learn more way to make the most of our site here.

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