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Tips in Making a DIY Logo

If you are thinking of doing your own logo design, then you need to know the basics of logo design. Today, you can find many online tools that can help your create your DIY logo but it is still beneficial to know the basics of logo making. IF you want to represent your business the best as you can, the follow the tips given below for making an effective business logo.

A logo is a symbolic representation of your company or business which encompasses your products, services, ethics, credibility, professionalism, etc.

Rule number one for logo making is to make your logo design very simple. IF you want people to understand what your business is all about and if you want them to easily remember it, then the key is to make your logo as simple as possible. If you are going to reproduce your logo and it is elaborately designed, then you might have problems doing so. It can also be difficult for people to remember what your logo is like. Logo, while there is art in it, is not art as an end in itself but it is art that reflects the identity of your business or company.

Considering the colors that you will use is another thing to consider when making your DIY logo. IF you want people to recognize your brand, then this is very important. Colors can be associated with emotions, and if you want to express these emotions through your logo, then you should use the appropriate colors. However, if you are to use colors, make sure you don’t use to much. You can restrict the use of colors to maximum of three.

If you want ease in resizing your logo without losing its clarity or image quality, then it is great to work with vectors. A vector-based logo that is well drawn with clean, crisp lines and limited colors are more effective than others. IF you use new vector-based programs, you can have your logo with 3D effect without losing contrast.

When using fonts, make sure you use readable, regular fonts which will make it look professional for reproducing commercially and for reprinting. In order not to have difficulty in printing your logo in different printers, regular fonts should be used. Using too many fonts can make your logo look incoherent. Two regular fonts in your logo would be great. You can have an eye-catching logo with two contrasting fonts.

If you want a memorable logo, make it simple. A timeless logo is perfect. Your logo should be something that you foresee as what you company will use for many years to come.

Following the tips above can help you create a DIY logo that can effectively send the message of what your company is about. Make a logo that people can easily understand and remember.

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