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Testosterone Therapy: The Benefits And Risks Involved

One of the hormones produced by a human testicles is testosterone. This hormone helps to maintain a man’s rate to produce sperms, maintain muscle strength, distribute fat to the body evenly as well as boost the sex drive. Testosterone levels will gradually decline as you age. Testosterone decrease is basically contributed to body aging as well as hypogonadism disease. Hypogonadism disease is one which leads to a reduction in testosterone production as it affects the testicle and pituitary glands. Men who have low testosterone production turn to testosterone therapy for a remedy.

You should note that the signs and symptoms associated with aging are not as a result of testosterone decrease. A decrease in the level of testosterone mainly causes a change in sleep norm, sexual functions as well as emotional and physical traits. It would be inappropriate to solely conclude that these symptoms are only caused by a decrease in testosterone levels.

Does Testosterone Therapy Make You Younger?
The answer up to date is no. Most men have the belief that undergoing testosterone therapy helps one feel younger. So far, it has not been proven that testosterone therapy can help in making an individual become young. For instance, there are some men that showed an increase in muscle size but there was no difference when it came to the strength levels.

Are You Likely To Experience Health Complications As A Result Of Undertaking Testosterone Therapy?
Of course, there are some risks that come with undergoing testosterone therapy. There are quite a number of health effects that result from the testosterone therapy. Scientists are trying to figure out whether testosterone therapy plays any role towards heart complications.

Before deciding to undertake testosterone therapy, you should ensure that you have an in-depth conversation with your doctor. The doctor will be able to give you the honest opinion as to whether to go on with the procedure or not. Carrying the testosterone level check for more than one time is recommended. It is advisable that you only undergo testosterone therapy when there is a medical condition triggering the reduction of testosterone. The reason as to why you should not undertake testosterone therapy due to aging is that it has health risks and you can opt to eat a diet that will help you boost the testosterone level.

Ensure that you also carry out an extensive research on the medical facility that you choose to undergo the testosterone therapy. It would be bad for you to end up getting more health complication in the name of treating another defect.

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